Kamat Lokaruchi: A Reflection Of Cultural Heritage Through Food
August 19, 2017  BY  Akashrai A. Kamat

In a state where you get to hear a different dialect every 50km, the cuisine too, is unbelievably diverse. The kitchens in the plains, hills and the coastline reflect the unique, strong connections with the soil, temperature, rainfall and the experimentation with locally grown grains, pulses, vegetables, spices and fruits. So, if you’ve ever wondered what cuisine is exactly served at Kamat Lokaruchi, you will find that it is not just restricted to the idli-sambar-chutney combos and the varieties of dosas dished out at the ubiquitous hotels and Darshini Joints that dot the highways and the cityscape.

Kannada cuisine is a felicity for foodies. It includes a wide range of dishes which are characterized by distinct textures, flavors and taste. The state’s vast culinary repertoire encompasses the earthy and unique flavors of North Karnataka, traditional feast of South Karnataka, and the exclusive dishes of the coastal Karavali region. Karnataka is a wonderful state with rich and traditional culinary heritage. Regional food habits broadly differ depending on locally available ingredients and the result is a richly varied spread. All parts of Karnataka can be identified through their cuisines as each one is so interesting and an absolute joy to explore.

North Karnataka Meals: The North Karnataka meals served during lunch time at Kamat Lokaruchi are simple and typical vegetarian meals consisting of Jowar Bhakri served with a variety of chutneys and flavorful curries like yennegai, soppu palya and kaalu palya followed by the typical accompaniments in a meal.

Karavali Meals: The traditional culinary fare of coastal Karnataka or the Karavali Region is a sumptuous spread marked by widespread use of coconut and coconut oil. Rice is the staple grain and is the centerpiece of every meal. Some of the distinct dishes served on this plethora include patrode, podi, sandige, and akki roti. Otthu Shavige with Kaai Haalu which translates to Rice String Hoppers served with Coconut Milk is a delight to not miss. The Karavali Meals at Kamat Lokaruchi stand out owing to their distinct taste.

South Karnataka Meals: The South Karnataka or the old Mysore cuisine is dominated by ragi and rice. Ragi, in the form of ragi-mudde or ragi balls and steamed rice is usually the centerpiece of a meal. Often served with these two dishes are vegetable sides or palya, and a selection of curries known as saaru. Items commonly made are ‘Gojju’, a type of thick sweet and sour gravy with vegetables, kosambari, palya, sambar and tili saaru, a Mysore-style Rasam. Experience the taste of the cultural capital with this elaborate spread.

We are constantly inspired by the rich culture of Karnataka and aim to reflect that through our food. Kamat Lokaruchi, located on the 35th km from Bangalore on the Mysore Road, is your home away from home. Come relish the taste of Karnataka on your way to the cultural capital of the state!

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