Puri Aamras – The Legacy Passed On
August 19, 2017  BY  Akashrai A. Kamat

We could belong to any generation but plucking mangoes just never gets old. The endless stories coming from our parents and grandparents about their childhood shenanigans have inspired us to make our own memories. Aamras with puri being my favourite one, still makes my mouth water and my heart happy. There is something about our good old, traditional foods that keep us rooted and that is what the Anantrai Kamat Group stands for.

The mango season in the Kamat household has always been celebrated equivalent to any festival for as long as my memory goes. Every summer, while all other kids used to look forward to vacations, my happiness lied in just rushing home after school for the mango surprise. It has been a tradition to prepare some mango dish every day of the season, either the mango shrikhand or the mango seekarne or aamras, of which aamras used to be my personal favourite. So much that, I would just eat it with anything – roti, puri or any type of bread, and if nothing to go with it, then have it as a dessert.

It is difficult to find an Indian who doesn’t have a mango memory. Mine is of hot summer afternoons spent licking my mango-pulp-smeared-fingers in the company of my mother, laughing as the golden juice trickled down our arms, eating the entire serving to the last drop and not being admonished for it.

The finger-licking Puri Aamras served at Kamat Lokaruchi on Mysore Road, is a recipe passed down from my grandmother herself. Being one of the most sought after dishes, I can guarantee that it will make your stomach smile. Made with love, we have the recipe for happiness and welcome you to savour it with an open heart and appetite.

Kamat Lokaruchi was incepted in the year 1996, with the simple intention of serving people great meals. With time, our values got shaped and we knew exactly what we wanted to deliver.

The pillars of Anantrai Kamat Group are –

Service to Yatrika – We are here to serve you with the best in variety, quality, and quantity.

Atithi Devo Bhava – With arms wide open, you are always welcome into the big family of Kamat!

Growing to Serve – Continuously evolving to deliver better experiences and wider smiles.

Vegetarian for Health – Contributing in our own way for the welfare of environment and overall health by making righteous choices.

It is an honour to be a part of this heritage and taking it forward, I owe so much to the legacy that has been established. It is a matter of pride to serve people with the meals they love and have loved for all these years. Kamat Lokaruchi has given unforgettable memories to so many of us. We welcome you to experience a simplistic meal in its most authentic form which will leave you immensely satisfied and elated. Come, shower some love at our Kamat Lokaruchi outlet on Mysore Road.

About Author
Akashrai A. Kamat COO – Anantrai Kamat Group

Coming from a line of great ancestral heritage close to traditions and culture, I greatly appreciate the extravagance of our motherland, especially the hearty food! I'm all about that comfort food.