Lemon Rice: Karnataka's Heart-warming Comfort Food Served At Kamat Lokaruchi
August 27, 2017  BY  Akashrai A. Kamat

The love for rice is an innate affair especially in South Indians. Lemon Rice is one of the most cherished delights across South Indian households. Sometimes a breakfast recipe, sometimes a snack, at times the main course and a definite part of festivities, lemon rice easily merges with the taste and flavor of every occasion. It comfortably fits in as the most common meal to settle the frequent craving for rice.

There is a peculiarity to all of us with our memories, we remember the best ones most distinctly. With an aroma so brisk, each time lemon rice is prepared, its enchanting smell fills up the entire household, making mouths water and inducing hunger. During my days of schooling, I knew each time lemon rice was packed in my tiffin box to take to school and the comfort and taste it offered me still remains unequalled.

The fondness for lemon rice amongst South Indians has always been a mark of their love for traditions and customs. It is prepared in a traditional style having a usually nostalgic or sentimental appeal. Loaded with bright zesty flavors from lemon and layers of extra flavor from peanuts and mustard, this is a delicious way to turn plain rice into a delicacy. The long grains of basmati, plump after being cooked and the bright yellow color adds to the temptation of having it.

After a long, tiring day, sometimes you need to tuck into something a little more comforting and Lemon Rice brings comfort like nothing else on earth. It is easy and quick to make too, making it the ultimate comfort food! Mashed lemon rice, will literally remind you of the time you were handfed. Not only will it fill you up to your heart’s content, it could also be eaten as a quick snack to settle those brief pangs of hunger.

Lemon rice is one of the many home-style Karnataka dishes that are cooked in our kitchens. Showcasing the cultural and traditional inclinations of the state through our food, we have a plethora of dishes that are savored and relished throughout Karnataka. The quest to serve our guests has always been fulfilled through your favorite dishes like lemon rice.

At Kamat Lokaruchi, we are committed towards satisfying our customers and brightening the glee on their faces. I have been watching guests dine in at ‘Kamat Lokaruchi’ with their families and friends for years and have enjoined in their celebration of love and compassion through our dishes. The guests have a special place in my life and their smiles widen mine. They have been an important part of the Anantrai Kamat Group and I am obliged to keep serving them for the years to come. Hence, I await your presence at our Kamat units as the host of your happiness and the forerunner of your fortune with food.

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Akashrai A. Kamat COO – Anantrai Kamat Group

Coming from a line of great ancestral heritage close to traditions and culture, I greatly appreciate the extravagance of our motherland, especially the hearty food! I'm all about that comfort food.