Neer Dosa: Unleash The World Of Taste Through Our Age-old Specialty
August 27, 2017  BY  Akashrai A. Kamat

Neer Dosa is a family recipe of the Kamats passed over generations and perfected over time. Being an essential element of our ancestry, we proudly retain this dish to mark our strong ties with history and heritage and consider it to be a rich descent of our legacy. At the very inception of our Kamat Lokaruchi unit, my grandfather acquainted the cooks towards maintaining and presenting Neer Dosa in its best sense of originality and exquisiteness.

The word ‘Neer’ literally meaning water appropriately describes its gelatinous nature. It is porous, thin and is most commonly eaten with coconut chutney combined with ‘Saagu’, which translates to veg stew. Alternatively, a number of sides could be paired with Neer Dosa to make a wholesome meal. Originated in the Mangalorean region on the western coast of Karnataka, Neer Dosa is quite a popular choice amongst many.

Growing up in the coastal regions of Karnataka, I have witnessed the popularity of Neer Dosa and the utmost love for it amongst people. This liking is a testimony to its great taste and soothing sensation which shall surely be rejoiced by anyone and everyone having it for the first time. Although Neer Dosa is gaining popularity in various pockets of the country, its modest presence across the state of Karnataka is an underestimation of this tantalizing and delightful recipe.

The mention of South Indian cuisine makes us imaginative of hot and crispy Dosas. However, an experience of Neer Dosa would alter our perceptions owing to the taste of this unique preparation. Unlike the traditional ways of preparing dosas, the batter for Neer Dosa is skillfully pitched over the pan all at once. The batter is never flipped or turned and only one side of it remains exposed to the pan. Despite its quick course of preparation, a substantial amount of skill goes into maintaining its soft and fluffy texture. Contrasting other dosas that are crispy and colored, Neer Dosa retains its softness and whitened appearance. To top the distinguishing features of Neer Dosa, it is explicitly prepared without fermenting the batter. Neer Dosa, sometimes also prepared with tender coconut water, is surprisingly sweet and savory to the tongue.

A recipe that never fails to please people, Neer Dosa is gradually gaining popularity owing to the surprising experience it offers. The recipe has transcended over generations through my family and anyone familiar with the authentic taste of Neer Dosa would fall for what we offer at Kamat Lokaruchi. We pride ourselves in bringing the most authentic taste to the lovers of this lip smacking dish and are glad to present it to others who haven’t unleashed the world of flavors that this special Dosa offers. 

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